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Concerning Wicca

Wicca is a neopagan, politheistic, initiatic and priestly religion that recovers the cults of the Nature Gods from ancient civilizations. The Wicca works in celular autonomous, independent and hierarchical structures called covens. Covens are groups of people from the same tradition which worship the Gods and perform their religious cerimonies together. It’s inside the coven that the religoius misteries are transmited and experienced as well as the other necessary preparations for a neophyte to be initiated, becoming a priest.

The Role of Wicca as a Religion

The rise of Wicca took place in a time when people were feeling the urge to restablish theirs lost conexions with nature as well as the cultural and spiritual recover to their roots.

As a religion, Wicca encourages personal and colective development through the ancient Gods worship. This cult is the search for perception and experience the seasonal cycles wich are the changes of nature in its courses of birth, death and rebirth as part of the very existence of the Gods. Therefore in Wicca we achieve an intimate relationship with the Gods as They manifests themselves in our lifes through the seasonal cycles.

The goal of Wicca is offering emotional, mental and spriritual support to the people, providing an improvement of the quality of life to all. To reach that, Wicca stimulates the peacefull conviviality between the individuals, the society and the nature, through tolerance and respect to the people and to the environment, preserving and trying to cause as less as possible damage to the world. The human beings are part of the nature, and when this sense of oneness is awaken and in syntony with the elements and the natural cycles, people can evolve little by little becoming more close and resembled to the Gods.


Standards of Conduct

Wicca is a religion that does not uses, sustains or supports any prejudice expressions or exclusion from any kind of gender, sexual orientation, color, ethnical, religion, origin, social class, phisical deficiency, way of thinking nor any other group. Everybody must be respected and accepted because our Gods are like the nature: free and full of variety, therefore freedom is a sacred and infrangible right. So wiccans must respect the existing differences among people, willing to coexist in harmony with everyone.

For our religion to be respected, we must set a good exemple respecting the other people’s religion. In Wicca its forbidden for the members to coerce people to conversion, or to argument in terms of superiority acting like they were the only owners of truth, nor disqualify someone’s else religion. Everybody has the ability to search for themselves their own spiritual path and the right to choose the faith they want. Wiccans does not have to convert anybody because we don’t  recognize the concepts of good and evil, sin, redemption, divine punishment or eternal suffering; We believe that when we have affinity by the ancient Gods we receive “Their Calling”.

It’s also forbidden to the member to tell or disclose the names of their coven’s brothers and sisters without their express permission, because we never know which consequences may occur to the members, especially in places where there is religious repression, furthermore there is the infrangible right to preserve one’s self privacy and secrecy.

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