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In the Greek Wicca Tradition we believe in the balance between oposite polarity forces and their complemental nature, which operate in an equality partnership and are present in every and all elements of nature.

Based in our miths, in scientifical knowledge and in the observation of nature’s dynamic forces, we believe in other spiritual worlds and realms of consciouness; in the immortality of soul; in life beyound death and reencarnation.

We believe that everyone has a fate given by the Gods, a kind of basic orientation that guides us, as well as in the power of our choices and pathways that we trail to fulfill this fate.

We believe in the communication with the Gods; Their presence in our lives and Their divine intervention like gifts and blessings for prayers, offerings and worship. We also believe that we are part of a spiritual egregore formed by everyone which worship and already worshiped the same Gods as we do, since the down of times.

We believe that we are the only responsibles for our actions and entirely aware of its consequences, freely doing whatever we want, as long as we make use from the good judgement and ethics.

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