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The Greek Wicca Tradition is a Wiccan Tradition where the worshiped pantheon is of the Olympic Gods, where are celebrated the greek agricultural festivals and the seasonal cycles. Established in 1979, on Athens - Greece, by a greek anthropologist, known among its members by the pseudonym of Elysios Hellenos.

In one of his travels to England, he met an Alexandrian Tradition coven which he participated and was initiated, becoming a priest. Returning to Greece he created the Greek Wicca Tradition. Because of the Greek Orthodox Church’s religious repression, he didn’t use his real name, rather adopting this pseudonym to preserve his security and privacy, as well as his family’s. This practice persists even now-a-days by the members of this tradition which live in Greece or in countries that still suffer from religious repression.

What motivated Elysios on creating this tradition was the need to be in the Wicca religion worshipping the Gods os his ancestors. So, the Hellenic Gods worship was inserted in the Wicca’s ritual structure because all that remained from these religious practices were scattered among the greek literature and in the fragments that the few remaining initiated secretly transmited to some of his family members from what they coud talk without breaking their votes.

This tradition came to public in June 12th, 2003 during an open ritual occured in Athens, taking advantage that the world’s attention would be turned to Greece’s preparation for the 2004’s Olympic Games, attempting to press the government towards the religious freedon.

The Greek Wicca Tradition is a conserving and extremely restrict tradition, with a strict three-degree hierarchy, formal initiation and mistery transmition through oaths of silence and secrecy. The neophyte can only access the covens through a member's invitation and after some time of evaluation, where they are analysed to be or not accepted in the coven. In this tradition all the initiated members are registred and they know each other by some internal and secret codes.

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